Not to toot my own horn, but…


Homebrewed Christianity has started a list of “Stuff Liberal Christians Like.”  I love the concept, and I love the execution.  I got to contribute the above piece as well.  What is it that liberal Christians love?

My vote: Coexist bumper stickers.

As Chad says, these hip stickers,

are very popular among Liberal Christians and their spiritual-but-not-religious friends. Liberal Christians like these stickers because they like the idea of diversity, and really like counting how many friends they can possess from the other religions represented (possible future posts).

So, why do you have one on your car?

4 thoughts on “Not to toot my own horn, but…”

  1. Thanks again for the great suggestion. I hope that with this series all stripes of Christians can laugh at themselves. I have a Coexist sticker and certainly appreciate the sentiment. I’ve never stuck it on anything, partly because I don’t have a car, and my laptop only proudly displays a Homebrewed Christianity sticker. (Which by the way, anyone can get one free.)

  2. Even though I’m not a Christian, or a religious person, or even a spiritual person, I do like this sticker! The sticker delivers a powerful statement. I would wear it on a tee-shirt down to its last thread!

  3. Not sure the bumper sticker is a real good Christian message.

    But a better message would be to just simply “Love others”

  4. I actually think the COEXIST sticker is stupid, not because I’m intolerant, but because the sticker is meaningless (not “powerful”). People of different faiths do indeed coexist, but coexistence does not necessarily prevent hatred and discord.

    Other than that, my personal feeling is that this sticker implies that all religions are essentially the same – which is one of the worst lies that secularized late-20th century Westerners like to tell ourselves.

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