Maddow, Moore, and blah blah blah

Regardless of which side you take on the union issue in Wisconsin, calling this a “class war” and an attack on the “working people” is sheer nonsense.  State officials are working people.  State senators and congressional reps typically serve two jobs or more.  A good friend of mine is a state rep. and works very hard for not much money.  “Working people” elected fellow “working” citizens who are doing their jobs and trying to have a workable budget.  But for Michael Moore to rage against wealthy people is a bit silly.  He’ one of them.  But as for “working people”?  He’s not one of them.

As for subverting the democratic process…well, maybe you don’t like every aspect of this bill.  But subverting the process also includes not showing up to vote.  Brave.

See an epic meeting of blowhards here.

P.S. Unionized industries are the most inefficient and lackluster of any.  Think transportation, education, etc.  I’m going to go take a shower now.  I feel dirty.

2 thoughts on “Maddow, Moore, and blah blah blah”

  1. it looks to some of us like a concerted effort to break unions so as to lower wages and benefits for everyone. the rich pay lower taxes than they have in many decades. the wealth is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. it doesn’t matter what we call it. Moore and a few others are the only ones speaking up for the majority of us. neither political party is. They are just arguing over how much to cut.

  2. Jeff, everyone always says “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” but I never see anything to back this up. Methinks it is a psuedo-Marxist myth. It also assumes a connection between the two that may not exist; i.e. millionaires getting more money (which, with interest and a decent financial plan, should happen) doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the unnamed poor getting “poorer.”

    Of course, in America being “poor” means having a car that isn’t new and a TV under 40 inches. We have a very poor image of poverty.

    And, every politician and demagogue (like Moore) declares that their view is that of the “majority.” My own thought is that, if Moore were in fact speaking for the majority, we would be in Sweden. Or Cuba. I don’t say that disparagingly; I just mean that America doesn’t have nearly the welfare structure that Moore wants to see. And his antics are silly. And his personality is grating. And I just don’t see what is appealing about him.

    But, we agree to disagree. Thank you for stopping by.

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