What does a pastor look like?

A woman came to my church today asking for help to get to a neighboring town to visit a loved one who had just been in a car accident.  It was one of those who-knows-if-this-is-the-truth-but-as-the-church-we-are-supposed-to-help moments.  One of my active members brought her to the door as I was preparing for VBS tonight and introduced us.  Her first comment?

“You don’t look like a preacher.”

My reply?  “Thank you.”

What does a preacher look like?  Is there a standard garb I’m unaware of?  Were my jeans and t-shirt (yes, a little more dressed down than normal for me while at the office, but this was right before VBS was about to start) a giveaway?

Was it an age thing?

Maybe the Episcopalians have been right all along, and we should all wear crisp, white collars to aid identification! (If you are in a more contemporary – or even contemporvant! – setting, the uniform of choice would be a soul patch, leather wristband, graphic t and tattered jeans.)

What do you think? Share your thoughts below...

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