I, too, fell for the ruse of the sycamore nut. My friend Parson Carson’s reflections are funny and, since I was tricked too, a little sad.

Parson Carson


On a lighter note, I tend to pride myself on having a reasonable amount of common sense. I also pride myself on my knowledge of plant life. Therefore I only have jetlag to blame for the following incident.

On our first night in Bethlehem, we were served some nuts (pictured above) as an appetizer. We all commented on how tasty they were, and even suggested that they were like peanuts, only better. We asked around, and no one could offer us a good explanation for what kind of nut they were. So we determined they must be a magical Holy Land nut.

Fast forward to the next day when we visited the sycamore tree where Zacchaeus supposedly climbed up to see Jesus in Jericho (below). As we got out of the bus, vendors swarmed us attempting to sell scarves, postcards, prayer shawls, and…. Sycamore nuts! Mystery solved and case closed!

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