Everyone Doesn’t Get a Trophy

If you aren’t old enough to spell “graduation,” you probably don’t need to get dressed up.

I’ve been seeing an onslaught of graduation pictures.  It seems like there is no stage of life nowadays that doesn’t get a diploma, robe, and funny hat.  My Facebook has been blowing up with this stuff lately.  Other than my own silly annoyance, why does this matter?

Because celebrating achievements that are expected sets a bad precedent. Because if you do something every other year it becomes less and less important, thereby downplaying the real academic achievements that come later.  Such graduations seem to function much like children’s moments in many churches: it’s more for the parents than the kids, and serves no real purpose given the time and resources expended.

In life, everyone doesn’t get a trophy.  Yes, all children are special and precious and made in the image of God.  But excellence is not built on easy victories, and celebrating such faux milestones does no one any favors.

Parents and educators out there, am I way off base? I’d love to be shown how I am wrong.  In the meantime I will dread, once I do have children, sitting through such ceremonies.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below...

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