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Sunrise at Mount Sinai

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.  Here at Uniting Grace we will exchange thoughts about following Jesus and being the church, all of what is made possible by the grace of God.

As for me, I am a:

Child of God.  Husband to a wonderful wife.  Jesus-follower.  Pastor to a great church.  Dog lover.  MMA fan.  Student.  Teacher. Bibliophile. A guy spoiled rotten by grace.

Speaking of grace, the title of this blog comes from the final stanza of Charles Wesley’s hymn Weary of All This Wordy Strife:

Join’d to the hidden church unknown
In this sure bond of perfectness,
Obscurely safe, I dwell alone,
And glory in th’ uniting grace,
To me, to each believer given,
To all Thy saints in earth and heaven. 

Feel free to look me up on Facebook and Twitter. I am also a contributor to an exciting new project called Via Media Methodists, and my work has been featured at United Methodist Insight and Seedbed.

If you love podcasts, check us out at the WesleyCast for commentary on Christian living, ministry, book reviews, and giveaways!

If you’d like to read something of mine more on the academic spectrum, I offered a paper as part of the UMC’s reflection on “online” communion.

The views on this blog are mine, solely mine, and only mine, and do not represent the views of my wonderful congregation or the United Methodist Church.

Thanks for stopping by, and may God grant us all amazing, free, uniting grace.

19 thoughts on “About Drew”

  1. Dear Pastor Mack,

    Peace to you. I concur with your feelings above:

    ” I believe American Christianity is in a dangerous state. If Joel Osteen is considered a preacher, I question whether or not I want to have to same job description”

    Have no fear Mack. The Church is still here. In my anguish I went ‘hunting” to find the Church: I asked two questions: 1. What is the Church? and 2. Where is the Church?

    These really opened my eyes and my heart. I went back, so that I could go forward. I discovered that the church in Acts 2 is still here… but in any event, I wish you peace and blessing, as you deal with World Communion Day prayers like the one you posted on recently… I think my journey could be similar to yours. http://michaelcook.wordpress.com/

  2. Pastor Mack,

    Where are you in NC? I’m just outside the triangle area and would love to chat in person if it were practical. I’m glad to have found your blog and I look forward to interacting with you in the future. Thanks for your suggestions on my list of “essentials” for Christian theology.


    1. Chris,

      Thanks. Enjoy your posts as well. The picture is from Iona in Scotland, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been (physically and spiritually). Blessings in your work.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also a traveler out of fundamentalism and into the mainline.

    It gives us an interesting perspective on both, I think. I almost wish we could have an exchange program. For one year everybody has to switch and attend to the other.

    Because the hand doesn’t say to the foot “I don’t need you.” Rather, the hand doesn’t believe the foot exists. 😛

    1. Ha – I had the double trip – from fundamentalist to liberal, from liberal to postliberal. It’s been quite a ride.

      The exchange program is not a bad idea, though I fear it might lead to many fights!

      Of course, the history of the Southern Baptist Convention teaches us what fundamentalists do with moderates and liberals – they kick them out!

      Thanks again – peace.

  4. I’m very sympathetic to the designation ‘post-liberal’. Sympathetic enough to think fundamentalism is solidly within liberalism.

    I like being in the so-called liberal church. But I often find myself defending my fundie brothers. When I was still in a conservative evangelical church, I did the same for my ‘liberal’ brothers.

  5. Helloooooo… Anybody home? Hellooooooo…. Used to be a guy named Mack here who wrote some interesting stuff. Sigh. Oh well.

    1. Chris, it’s lovely to be missed! I just made it through my first Easter and I feel like I’m still catching my breath. Posted something for you to sink your teeth into, though. Hope all is well your way.

  6. Pastor Mack,

    I just wandered over to your blog to see what you are all about. I look forward to our exchanges.

    How would you define the “church”?


  7. John, thanks for stopping by. Traditionally, ‘the church militant’ is a term for the church here on earth, the church that is still alive and struggling with sin, death, and the devil. On the other hand, the church triumphant represents those saints who have gone on to glory, and no longer have to strive. I’m not sure where these designations come from, though. Peace –

  8. Interesting use of the word militant. I can understand the context now, but it makes me uncomfortable.


  9. Also a methodist pastor – have moved from liberal theology, to liberation theology (helped edit the late Frederick Herzog’s papers), to conservative theology. ended up for about 2 yrs in the past 5 years at position of near atheism, and now am working my way back.

    working on a series of devotions for doubters.

    anyway – i do substance abuse and crisis counseling now.

    live in surry county, nc

    enjoyed reading your posts. don’t know how to subscribe to a blog though (never have before – but yours looked interesting). anyway – let me know what i am supposed to do – take care – look me up on facebook – i am the one with a picture of groucho marx. blessings

  10. Peter,

    Thanks for dropping in. Is liberation theology that much of a leap from liberal theology? Methinks they are kissing cousins at least. Herzog was solid though; I remember seeing his photo in the office of Methodist Bishop of Peru.

    Blessings on working your way back. At the end of the day, we’re all strays to one extent or the other.

    On the right hand side, there is a place where you can put your email in and subscribe, I believe. Thank you for your work counseling, it is greatly needed.

  11. Dr. Campbell,

    Thanks for stopping by. As a founding member of the Roman Campbells, it’s great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours.


  12. Thanks for visiting Secular Chaplain, Drew. Just goes to show believers and nons can associate now and then! And I might gently (and amusingly) ask whether that Wesley hymn is about “Wordy” or “Worldly” strife? As a graduate of a Methodist school (and a very worldly human being) that gives me a smile!

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