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Scientology and Cadillacs

First off, if you’ve never gotten the skinny on Scientology c/o South Park, check this out now.  You will be glad you did.  The only downside: this is why Chef left the show.

What does a Cadillac have to do with Scientology?  In the case of writer/director Paul Haggis (of Crash fame), it seems a Cadillac prevented him from staying in the Roman communion.  This is explained in an excerpt from the excellent (albeit lengthy) new piece in the New Yorker.  The article details the ongoing investigation into the “Church” of Scientology and Haggis’ own personal battle with his former social club.  Yes, I said social club.  I refuse to call what they do church.  Pyramid scheme is also acceptable.    Here goes:

Haggis wasn’t proud of his early years. “I was a bad kid,” he said. “I didn’t kill anybody. Not that I didn’t try.” He was born in 1953, and grew up in London, Ontario, a manufacturing town midway between Toronto and Detroit. His father, Ted, had a construction company there, which specialized in pouring concrete. His mother, Mary, a Catholic, sent Paul and his two younger sisters, Kathy and Jo, to Mass on Sundays—until she spotted their priest driving an expensive car. “God wants me to have a Cadillac,” the priest explained. Mary responded, “Then God doesn’t want us in your church anymore.”

The entire article is worth your read.  Fascinating.  File it under,  “How does ANYONE fall for this???”

Oh, time to go.  I should probably be finding an attorney at this point.