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An Assisted Death is Not a ‘Good’ Death

Kudos to British PM Gordon Brown for publicly denouncing the call for legalizing assisted suicide:

And the inevitable erosion of trust in the caring professions – if they were in a position to end life – would be to lose something very precious. For when I think of the kind of care Sarah and I saw in our local hospice, where we worked as volunteers, I know in my heart that there is such a thing as a good death.

Is Gordon Brown a closet Pietist? The early Methodists, and others in the Pietist tradition, were known for emphasizing the preparation for one’s death.  They taught that a good and holy life would lend itself to a good and holy death.  Contrary to the fear and denial of our mortality we see everywhere around us (from gym commercials to the increasingly large number of doctor-oriented daytime TV), Christianity at its most faithful has always known that death has no final authority over us.  Insofar as that is true, we leave death to the hands of the one who has promised us that this, “the last enemy,” will be destroyed in due time.

Well, Brown is probably not a Pietist.  He is, after all, the son of a Church of Scotland minister and member of that same church.  Nevertheless, it is nice to see a public affirmation of the “good death” from such a powerful figure.

Check out the full article here.