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The State of the Change We Believe In


“Change has not come fast enough,” President Obama just said.

Of course, it is assumed that this necessitates more action, not less – more spending, not less – more legislation, not less.  And of course the President is now calling for getting past our partisanship, now that his party can’t railroad things through the Senate.  And it seems no government official, liberal or “conservative,” never asks if our needs – the change we are so desperate for – can or should come from government power.

A fee for the big banks?  Ah, there’s the rub.  If the government is nice enough to rescue you, it is nice enough to impose extra penalties on you for success.  Who says we have a free market?

“We cut taxes…we cut taxes…”  Where will those tax cuts go when nationalized health care goes through?

Well, the Commander-in-Chief of hopey-change – or changey-hope, has his work cut out for him.  Just like the House chamber tonight, only about half of us are applauding…and that number is shrinking.

P.S. Did Uncle Joe and Nancy Pelosi coordinate their purple attire? Perhaps they feel they are in the presence of royalty.  But with court jesters like that, who needs good ideas?

P.P.S. Job growth will occur when the government steps back, not when it decides to legislate it.  Small business owners, like my parents, are by and large too smart to fall for strategies from leftists who truly do not appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit.  The entrepreneurs are the ones bearing the tax burden to create the “change” for which these people yearn.

P.P.S. “They need our help.” Yes.  But you will help the most by stepping away.

P.P.P.S.  Nuclear power plants?  I like it!  Did Al Gore just die inside?